May 01

Screen-Free Week is Here!

After weeks of planning, Screen-Free Week is finally here!  Organizations across the country are gathering pledges from parents to reduce the amount of time that children spend watching TV or playing with computers, cell phones and video games.  As a working mother, I understand the panic that typically sets in when a parent thinks about […]

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   Apr 10

Connecting Heart and Health Without Wires

One of the most important benefits of Screen-Free Week is becoming consciously aware of how much time we and our families actually spend with screens.  It is important for adults to be mindful of how they spend their time because their actions not only affect their own well-being, but are on display for their children […]

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   Apr 11

Parental Overload and its Connection to Screen-Free Week

Parents will determine the success of Screen-Free Week.  They are the ones who must champion the cause for their families (and their schools if they want). Not only should they assess the use of media and establish some guidelines, they must also find alternatives to screens. Children should be involved in all of these deliberations, […]

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